This site will have news and photos posted on our travels whenever we have the time.

Tuesday 06-09-2005: Tickets booked, now skimming the Lonely Planet guide to get an idea on accomodation costs.

Friday 16-09-2005: After an 11 hour flight arrive in hong kong at 2pm. Already eaten duck and pidgeon with heads. Hotels nice and people are really friendly and helpful. Lots of fit birds.....

Saturday 17-09-2005: Travelled to Lantau island and visited the huge budda statue along with the monastaries. Typhoon waring was hoisted to 1 and there was a major downpour.

Sunday 18-09-2005: Went shopping and bought varios electrical items, typhoon level now 3, and rain is really really bad, hoping the flight will be ok.

Monday 19-09-2005: Flew into Sydney, pictures now being upload so you can all take a look at hong kong. Staying in a hostel in kings cross at the heart of Sydney for a couple of nights and see where that takes us. Jet lag begining to set in a little.

Tuesday 20-09-2005: An unproductive day where we slept until 2pm and wasted the day, but then made up for it by making the most of the nightlife in kings cross.

Wednesday 21-09-2005: Worse for wear after the night before crawling to an end at 5am in the morning we casually went to Sydney Harbour and did the class must do and took photos of the Opera House and Bridge. Easy night tonight tho...

Thursday 22-09-2005: Took a more in depth tour of Sydney Harbour and "The Rocks" visiting the Museum of Contemporary Art and going up the Sydney tower to get a higher view of Sydney.In the evening we went out to The World Bar, then stumbled into some posh hotel where everyone was wearing suits, Andy pulled.

Friday 23-09-2005: Dead after the night before we made our way down to Manly beach, getting there in time to catch about 1hrs sun. Sea was cool tho. Gotta do some surfing.

Saturday 24-09-2005: Another wasted day, tho i guess we're out here to relax too, nothing achieved, took a real auzzie approach to it all and did sod all.

Sunday 25-09-2005: Got up and went to The Rocks market, then onto the Aquarium to look at the fish and sharks. Early night as have to be out of the hostel by 9am.

Monday 26-09-2005: Out of the hostel by 9am, now a waiting game till the plane at 4pm to take us to Brisbane where we're booked into the Palace hostel. Pretty central again.

Tuesday 27-09-2005: Look around Brisbane and discover there really is nothing interesting, two good bars, one in the basement of the hostel and another down the road. Only interesting thing is the 4X beer factory, but I don't like beer... lame.... Onto Surfers Paradise me thinks...

Wednesday 28-09-2005: Car hired, heading down to Byron bay for one night, then back to Surfers Paradise for two. Hope the weathers good. Arrive in Byron bay, meet with Julia, Chris and Phil head out for a mad night

Thursday 29-09-2005: Recover and then head back to Chris' house in Surfers paradise where we've been offered a place to stay. Chill out then go out in surfers that night

Saturday 30-09-2005: Head back to brisbane for the flight to melbourne, arrive in melbourne and go out for a birthday party

Sunday 01-10-2005: After getting back at 5.30am we waste most of saturday but manage to head out to the beaches to have a look

Oooopppps... lost a couple of days there.....

Tuesday 11-10-2005: Arrive in Cairns, meet with Andy's friend Charlie, go out again....

Wednesday 12-10-2005: Research extreme sports, Tristan has a total of 20pounds left, andy has a total of 90, uh oh!

Thursday 13-10-2005: More research, head to the lagoon.

Friday 14-10-2005: Parents bail out children as usual so we book the adventure stuff, bungee, white water rafting and skydiving. Sweeeeet :-)

Saturday 15-10-2005: Bungee day, absolutely amazing/scary/thrilling/crazy etc.... will get pictures upload when we get a decent internet cafe.